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    This is not a role play blog. This has never been a role play blog, and has never made so much as a vague hint that it might be. So please please for the love of god stop sending me messages as if you’re talking to Brian and/or Stewie. They’re not real, they’re cartoon characters, and it’s giving me real bad second hand embarrassment every time I read one.

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    caseyheartsregshow said: Hello Brian, Stewie. I'm so happy to have found your tumblr, it was getting kinda lonely on some of the other tumblrs I visit. So Brian, I'm an atheist too, why do people tell me I'm evil? Why is it so wrong for someone to not believe the same thing as everybody else? Stewie, how did you get so smart? You're like, super genius. You took blue prints from a convention and made a teleporter, you made a device that transported you to other dimentions, and you made a teleportation device (wich faild)


    If you wonder why I bitch about reposting so much, THIS IS WHY. My original post of the gif that I made has 134 notes whilst this 23,000+. Please, tell me this is fair, I dare you.

    If you wonder why I bitch about reposting so much, THIS IS WHY. My original post of the gif that I made has 134 notes whilst this 23,000+. Please, tell me this is fair, I dare you.

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    1. if you’re reposting gifs that means you’re probably not able to make them yourself. don’t advertise how dumb/photoshop illiterate you are to the world. 
    2. every time you repost a gif someone somewhere runs over a puppy with a truck. thanks a lot asshole
    3. if you’re reposting gifs in an attempt to gain followers, your blog is probably a really shitty hipster blog nobody really gives a fuck about anyway.
    4. people who make gifs are genuinely interested in sharing their favourite moments from films/interviews/etc with you guys on the internet. sharing is fun for everyone. stealing isn’t. stop it.
    5. reposted gifs clog up tags and make them boring and repetitive. chances are, if you’re reposting that gif most people who like it have already seen and/or reblogged it and don’t need to see it every time they check the tag.
    6. it’s the internet you should ~expect~ them to be stolen l0l0l0l0l0l” you look like a fucking asshole just stop with this shit
    7. you don’t own the movie ~~~COPYRIGHT~~~ YOU’RE THE ONE WHO’S STEALING” nobody is claiming ownership of the movie itself, and if we don’t own it you definitely don’t either so shut the fuck up. 
    8. you’ve probably tagged the repost with dumb as shit stuff and everyone is laughing at you anyway #love #life #laugh #lol #movie #film #gif #life #true #hipster #cool #swag #shut the fuck up you idiot 
    9. chances are the blog who originally posted the gif will contact tumblr support and it’ll get taken down anyway so it’s a waste of your own time 
    wonderfulwildlife said: many people just get the images from google though and some of your gifs pop up. i agree that you are meant to credit the original owner but you have no influence in family guy production meaning you don't deserve credit for it. I can agree though its annoying when people re-post stuff without rebloging but thats life. I don't own any pictures on my blog. I also don't see any credit to the people who make family guy on your blog.

    Why are you arguing this? Seriously, I don’t like people reposting my stuff and that is that, if you’re on some weird crusade to try and sway my decision you’re failing miserably. Just agree to disagree and move on.

    And to be honest you seem to be really scraping the bucket trying to argue that because there isn’t a credit to the entire production team of Family Guy, I’m not allowed to complain if someone reposts a gif I made. You’re seriously comparing apples and oranges there.

    Anonymous said: You can't complain about peoplestealing your gifs i mean all your doing is copying family guy episodes and adding text to them. Its not hard. Otherwise good blog. But seriously, their not stealing, your stealing clips from the show. Nothing wrong with it but just saying.

    I can only assume you’ve never made a gif, otherwise you’d know how much work goes into creating them. It’s a lot more than “copying Family Guy episodes”.

    Plus, to be honest, I don’t particularly care about the opinion of a person who’s too coward to message me without the cloak of anonymity. What are you hiding? If you truly believe in what your saying, stand up to your opinions and put a name next to them. Just saying.

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    Anonymous said: Some ass re-posted your recent gif.. and they have over 900 notes on it. Just thought you'd wanna know.

    Many thanks for the heads up, I’ve messaged them (for all the good it’ll do…)

    Don’t repost stuff folks, it’s a real dick thing to do. There’s a “reblog” button for a reason.

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    fg-ad-tcs-bb-deactivated2012033 said: Your blog is amazing!, keep up the good work! =)

    Thank you very much! ^^

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